When moving to another country for the first time, you end up having a lot of questions. This is a list of questions that we have had since deciding to move to France- some are answered, some aren’t. If you can help us answer them, we would be very appreciative. If you seen an answer to a question that is wrong or needs to be corrected, please let us know or comment below.


Will an American TV work in France?

  • We don’t have an answer for this yet. It is my understanding that with appropriate power converters you can use your American television in France, but I am not positive it is compatible with French cable or satellite.

Is it possible to get American cable TV stations in France?

  • The answer is Yes and No. From what I have found, you can’t get American stations through French cable or satellite providers in southern France. You can find some providers that carry UK stations and maybe a few American news stations such as CNN, Bloomberg, etc, but I haven’t found a provider with stations such as NBC, ABC, ESPN, etc. We decided to try place shifting with a Slingbox to ensure we could watch American television when desired. For more on this topic check out this post: Place Shifting: My Solution to Watching American TV in France.


Originally published: December 30, 2011, Updated: December 31, 2011